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Welcome to KorthosCast!

KorthosCast is dedicated toward creating a perspective of gaming for both new and old players while taking a look at not only gaming mechanics, but the mechanics of a party based MMO. So sit back, relax, and slip on your favorite Sahuagin skinned slippers. We will be stepping into the World of Dungeons and Dragons Online and experiencing it with a whole new perspective! Feel free to leave comments on here or twitter.  


Interested in doing an Interview? Would you like to send questions and responses in for the show or maybe offer topic ideas or something you would like me to talk about? You can now shoot me an email at korthoscast@yahoo.com  Don't be shy! I don't bite... hard. .

Looking for new Episodes?

Well, with things being the way they are right now, I can't promise new episodes periodically, however, feel free to follow me at gamingwithkobay.wordpress.com for more updated information regarding my adventures. Of course, my Twitter @DDOKobay will always keep you up to date on any new Podcast Episodes or Blog Entries. 


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Episode 5: DDO First-Aid Kit

Join me as I discuss what I've been up to and my DDO First-Aid Kit of must have items!

Click Here to listen. Right Click to Download

*Note that some people are having problems listening from the above link. You can still listen from the 'Alternative downloads' or on the 'All Episodes' Page.


 Intro - Surprise! It's a Tiefling! [Link]

 Sick Kobay is liar!

 What I've been up to.

 My Interview at Kal's Den [Link]

 Listen to Kalari! Shamless Love for her show

 Welcome back DDOCocktailhour! [Link]

 Perspective Gaming: Just looking good!

 My Must Haves List!


 Concluding the show with my little cousin!



 After a sudden Hiatus for a little while due to a hectic chain of events and flooding into the Holidays, I'm proud to announce that KorthosCast shall live on! I will be returning January 4th, 2012 with a brand new episode for you guys and gals. Until then, I have a lot of work to get in and some possible changes to the show that I will be working on! Until then, Happy Holidays!

Stay Tuned to my Twitter @DDOKobay for other possible updates.


September 19, 2011

Lots of fun stuff recently guys!

1. Crystal Cove Event begins today!

2. MajMalphunktion breaks down the barriers and communicates with customers about different issues with U11 (Link)

3. DDOZonixx's Contest for 1mill Plat! (Link)

 I will have an new episode up soon guys! I've been fairly busy, but it will come! Thanks for your patience as always. :) 


Oh yes! Also new Promo Video for DDO! I thought it was pretty cool myself. :)




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 I'll be posting temporary files of the podcast for easy downloading if you are having issues with listening from the site.

Sorry for any inconvenience, Kobay 

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